Chapter 1315: Great Single Soul Skill

Chapter 1315: Great Single Soul Skill

Xiao Yan remained within the Falling Star Pavilion while he waited for Little Fairy Doctor to return. While he waited, Xiao Yan did not train his Dou Qi. Instead, he had turned his attention to the training of his soul.

The strength of one’s Spiritual Strength was related to the tier of an alchemist. Ever since Xiao Yan’s spirit had advanced to the soul state, he had not paid much attention to it due to needing to train his Dou Qi. After all, as a tier 8 alchemist, those of the same generation within the central plains who could beat him were extremely rare, but after hearing Yao Lao’s explanations, he understood that this little achievement was not something to be of proud. His current alchemist level could barely be squeezed into the top five of the younger generation within that mysterious Yao clan. This fact, which had been spoken from Yao Lao’s mouth, left a great pressure on Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan understood that he would probably come into contact with the Yao clan in the future due to his relationship with Yao Lao. No matter...

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