Chapter 1314: Jade Invitation

Chapter 1314: Jade Invitation


Xiao Yan was startled as he faced Yao Lao in front of him. He only softly asked after a long while, “With teacher’s medicinal refining talent, hardly anyone across the current Dou Qi continent could compare with you. How could you be a person abandoned by the Yao clan?”

“It is because of the Dou Di bloodline.”

Yao Lao hinted at a smile. The emotions on his face slowly withdrew as he explained, “Being born within an ancient clan comes with a far greater pressure than other places. There, one’s status is differentiated by the richness of one’s bloodline. However, both of us are similar. The Dou Di bloodline flowing within my body is so thin that it is insignificant.”

“When I was in the Yao clan, I was eventually expelled due to the failure of a mission I was performing. I was dissatisfied after leaving and began to place all of my effort into pill refinement. I roamed the Central Plains alone, muddled along for nearly a century, and gained some achievements. Back then, I still bore the whimsical thought that the clan would once again summon me...

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