Chapter 1312: Leaving the Dragon Island

Chapter 1312: Leaving the Dragon Island

Xiao Yan discovered that the atmosphere of the Ancient Dragon Island had changed when he returned. There were also significantly more hidden auras on the island. This kind of discovery caused Xiao Yan’s heart to feel a little awed. These powerful auras were likely those Elders from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe who had been training within the empty realm. The Dragon Emperor had appeared once again. These Elders, who were unwilling to fight each other because of a split in the tribe, had once again returned to the Eastern Dragon Island.

Xiao Yan quietly muttered within his heart. Of course, he also understood that this path would definitely not be an easy one. Xiao Yan had listened to Hei Qing when he mentioned some of the information related to the other three great Dragon Islands. The Eastern Dragon Island was ranked as the weakest of the four with its strength back then. From this, one could imagine just how terrifyingly strong the so-called three great dragon kings were.

Although these three big fellows...

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