Chapter 1311: Old Mister Mang

Chapter 1311: Old Mister Mang

The soul between Xiao Yan’s brows trembled the moment he caught sight of those ten dark-black thunderbolts. A wave of indescribable danger entombed his heart. Faced against this unprecedented danger, Xiao Yan did not hesitate in store away the puppets, turn around and flee out of the lightning pool.

Xiao Yan did not recognize the miserable figure being chased by the dark-black thunderbolts nor did he wish to be acquainted. That fellow was clearly not an ordinary person. However, the dark-black thunderbolts behind him were even more extraordinary. Xiao Yan understood that if he were to even touch a little of that dark-black thunderbolt, not even a piece of him would remain…

“This is really the case of extreme happiness bringing about sorrow. It is unexpected that I have actually meet with such trouble within this lightning pool…”

Xiao Yan unleashed his speed to its limits. Numerous after-images continuously appeared behind him. However, the human figure from behind seemed to have discovered him. Moreover, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to quietly cry out was...

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