Chapter 1310: Advancing to the Fifth Star

Chapter 1310: Advancing to the Fifth Star

Thunderbolts roared wildly within the bright silver world like enormous dragons. A rumbling thunder continuously reverberated around this empty space. This mysterious trait was likely something that only existed within this empty space.

A figure was seated within the silver lightning pool. There were eleven puppets seated a short distance from this figure, forming a circular shape with Xiao Yan in the middle. Wild and violent thunderbolts roared wildly outside of the circle. Numerous arm-thick thunderbolts continuously smashed into the eleven puppets like furious pythons. However, these frightening attacks did not cause the puppets’ bodies to move even a little. Instead, the color on the puppets grew brighter.

The bolts of lightning in this monotonous realm seemed never-ending. Time began to swiftly pass by like flowing water amid this loud rumbling. Within the blink of an eye, nearly half a month’s time suddenly passed…

Xiao Yan was not overly concerned with the puppets...

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