Chapter 1309: Void Lightning Pool

Chapter 1309: Void Lightning Pool


An enormous light shadow rushed through empty space like lightning. A strange ripple spread from this light figure and blocked the omnipresent tearing force that was being emitted from the emptiness.

The light figure gradually approached. Only then would one discover that it was an enormous black dragon. A figure was seated on the head of the large dragon. That figure appeared to be Xiao Yan.

“The Ancient Void Dragon is worthy of its name. Only they are able to roam around as they please within this empty realm. If some other Magical Beast or human expert tried to roam like this, they would not be able to move so smoothly even if they could fly within this place for short distances.”

Xiao Yan looked at the empty space that was swiftly flying by. His mouth could not resist letting out a low exclamation. A spatial collapse could occur within this empty realm at any moment. Moreover, the omnipresent tearing force could tear an ordinary elite Dou Zun into pieces. Unless one possessed the ability to preserve one’s life,...

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