Chapter 1308: Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor

Chapter 1308: Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor

A blurry conscious drifted within the purple-golden light. Numerous icy-cool auras seeped out of the light before merging with the conscious…

This kind of assimilation continued for a long time before the purple-golden light finally became dim. The icy aura also weakened until it finally disappeared.

Following the scattering of the purple-golden light, the blurry conscious emitted a faint coolness. The conscious finally began to awaken…

Sunlight scattered into the spacious room. It penetrated the window and left behind numerous light spots on the ground.

A human figure was quietly lying on a bed. The figure’s tightly shut eyes suddenly trembled. They soon opened with some difficulty.

When his eyes were opened, the glaring sunlight caused Xiao Yan’s to knit his brows. He shook his head and the churning memories in his mind immediately surged over like floodwater, causing his head to vaguely feel some pain.

“This place is…”

Xiao Yan sat up from the bed. His eyes were at a loss as they swept around him. He recalled that he ought to be refining the Dragon Phoenix crystal for...

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