Chapter 1305: Chaos

Chapter 1305: Chaos

Numerous rays of light suddenly appeared in the empty space. A moment later, rays of light slowly descended to the Ancient Dragon Island. The light scattered and numerous figures with powerful auras appeared.

Most of these figures were wearing dark-golden armor. There was a dragon image on their armor. The dragon seemed to vaguely be moving, appearing as though it was alive. It even appeared to be emitting wave after wave of a powerful Dragon Pressure. Other than these people wearing dark-golden armor, there were some human figures with naked upper bodies. These people appeared quite large and strong. They had an awe-inspiring visual impact.

“It’s the people from the Western Dragon Island and the Southern Dragon Island!”

Numerous voices that contained some anger immediately reverberated around the Ancient Dragon Island when they saw these human figures.

“Xia Ao, you actually dare to lead people to my Eastern Dragon Island? What great ability!”

The space in the sky became distorted. Numerous figures appeared. The old man leading them was Elder Qi You, who had chatted with Elder Zhu Li back then. At this moment,...

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