Chapter 1304: Refining the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer

Chapter 1304: Refining the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer

The sky was dry and hot. It was as though all the moisture in had been vaporized in an instant. The entire mountain appeared to be lethargic under this high temperature. Even the lush-green color that filled the area had become much dimmer.

No one paid any attention to the changes of the surroundings. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the enormous cauldron at the mouth of the volcano.

A skinny figure was seated in front of the large cauldron in front of many eyes. Following the change in the seal formed by his hands, it appeared as though the temperature was controlled by him. The temperature was occasionally high and occasionally low. An ordinary person would have difficulty enduring such a drastic change in temperature.

Elder Zhu Li was suspended in the sky. Both of his hands were placed behind him. His eyes were focused on the large cauldron, and his expression was completely solemn.

“Zhu Li, do you really think that he can refine the Dragon Phoenix crystal?”


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