Chapter 1302: The Ancient Void Dragon Clan That Had Been Split

Chapter 1302: The Ancient Void Dragon Clan That Had Been Split


Xiao Yan’s eyes solidified on the altar. A long while later, he finally exhaled a deep breath of air. His expression was quite ugly. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that there was no life force on Zi Yan’s body at this moment. If he wasn’t able to sense a little familiar spiritual fluctuation, it was likely that he would have thought that Zi Yan had already died.

“This is the solidifying of energy…”

Elder Zhu Li beside Xiao Yan also sighed. He said, “The energy of the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is really too frightening. It solidified and filled every part of Zi Yan’s body. If Zi Yan is unable to absorb this energy, she will forever be in this state like a living dead…”

“All of you are really too reckless.” Even though Xiao Yan was aware that the strength of the elder in front of him was extremely terrifying, he still involuntarily yelled with a furious voice. If this matter was not resolved properly, Zi Yan would probably lose her life.”

Elder Zhu Li also bitterly smiled. He shook his head when he heard Xiao Yan’s cry. However, he did not say anything. It was likely that he also felt regr...

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