Chapter 130: Breakthrough to Seven Star

Chapter 130: Breakthrough to Seven Star

Controlling his staggering body, Xiao Yan trembled with fear as he flew tens of meters across the deep abyss. When he reached the other side, he did not even have the time to descend before his body informed him that he was out of Dou Qi and he quickly retracted the Ziyun Wings on his back.

Immediately, in mid air, the figure of a person let out a sorrowful scream before falling down in a straight line, perpendicularly, into a soft meadow.

The body which had already reached its limit, once again sustained damage from the fall causing Xiao Yan to black out and finally lose consciousness.

Only after Xiao Yan lost consciousness did Yao Lao drift out from the ring. Gazing at the ragged Xiao Yan, he could not help but shake his head in helplessness. With both arms, he supported Xiao Yan before slowly moving towards the deepest part of the Magic Beast Mountain Range.

“To go as far as to forcefully use the Di Dou Technique, truly a reckless guy……”

In the darkness of his sleep, Xiao Yan fuzzily felt that his whole body seemed to be submerged in a cooling liquid. Stream after stream of gentle and mild energy burrowed into his body through countless pores and quietly flowed around within his body. The energy was gradually regaining his Qi Paths since his overuse of Dou Qi had resulted in somewhat damaged Qi Paths.

After the Qi Paths...

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