Chapter 1298: Qi Method Revealing its Might

Chapter 1298: Qi Method Revealing its Might

Xiao Yan did not give in as he sensed the dense cold wind that spread from the large dark-black hand. He coldly laughed, “Do you think that I am afraid of you, old ghost, in a one-on-one battle?

After his cry sounded, a flame hurriedly gathered on his palm. After which, he suddenly threw a punch forward. It heavily collided with Shenluo Guizun’s large dark-black hand.

“Octane Blast!”

The wind around the fist suddenly became sharp as it violently collided with the large dark-black hand. A shocking noise abruptly rang out. A rippling force also rapidly spread. The surrounding space gradually became distorted.

“Bam bam!”

The fist and palm collided, and a strong wind erupted in a circular shape. Xiao Yan and Shenluo Guizun’s bodies trembled. Their feet took a couple of steps back.

With Xiao Yan’s current strength and the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame, he possessed the strength to exchange blows with a six star Dou Zun. Moreover, the Flame Mantra Qi Method had evolved into a Tian class Qi Method. Dou Qi surged...

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