Chapter 1297: Intense Fight

Chapter 1297: Intense Fight

Dense bone chilling killing desire spread across the entire place. It was as though the air had solidified at this moment. The originally deathly quiet air above the forest had become just like winter, emitting an icy coldness that chilled one’s heart.

Xiao Yan stood on the large body of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python. He looked at Yaohua Liangjun four men group in the distance. After which, he glanced at Hua Jin below, who was looking at him with ill intent. Four six star Dou Zuns. The ferocious reputation of the Profound Sky Sect was really not earned in vain.

“Young master Xiao Yan, what should we do?” Qing Lin frowned slightly and asked because of this sudden situation.

“What else can we do? The Profound Sky Sect has actually dispatched such a great force. I think that they are intending on capturing me…” Xiao Yan smiled faintly. A bone chilling coldness surged within his dark black eyes as he softly said, “However, with just the four of you, you have really underestimate me quite greatly…”

“Your tone is indeed quite arrogant. The strength of that fire lotus of yours might be great but if the four of us join hands,...

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