Chapter 1296: Interception

Chapter 1296: Interception

An exclamation was emitted from Yun Yun’s mouth while her face turned completely red. Immediately, her hand was waved suddenly. Wind danced and the soft blanket on the bed flew up before completely wrapping around the alluring body.

Yun Yun’s expression only became a little better after her lovely body was hidden within the blanket. She lifted her pretty face and stared at Xiao Yan with embarrassment and anger. She demanded, “Why are you still watching?”

Although she was currently covered by a blanket, the blanket was quite thin. When it covered over Yun Yun’s lovely body, it still ended up revealing an alluring curve. After being set off by the bright red face that was filled with shyness, the scene was sufficient to cause quite a number of man to bleed wildly from their nostrils.


Xiao Yan coughed dryly. He withdrew his eyes in an extremely calm manner and said, “This has nothing to do with me. You are the one who blasted it apart…”

Hearing these words of Xiao Yan, Yun Yun involuntarily felt speechless and furious despite usually being calm. This brat was actually someone who proclaim innocence despite having taken advantage of her.


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