Chapter 1294: Quasi-Tian Class Qi Method

Chapter 1294: Quasi-Tian Class Qi Method

When it came to unusual natural phenomenon, they could generally be summarized into three types of situation. One was when a high tier medicinal pill was born. It would attract the Pill Lightning. The second was when one trained to a certain level. It would attract such a situation. However, this was usually rarely seen. This was because someone who could reach such a level was considered an extremely rare existence even in the entire Dou Qi continent. The third possibility was the birth of a Tian class Qi Method or Tian class Dou Skill. This birth usually did not mean the reappearance of a Qi Method or Dou Skill. Instead, it was a birth from nothing. An example was… creation…

Only when some Tian class Qi Method or Dou Skill was being created would such an unusual natural phenomenon be attracted.

The current sky was not covered by pill fragrance. Clearly, it was not the birth of a high tier medicinal pill. The second possibility could be directly eliminated. Although Xiao Yan was powerful, it was far from sufficient to cause an unusual natural phenomenon. Since this was the case, only the last possibility matched the situation.


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