Chapter 1293: Unusual Natural Phenomenon

Chapter 1293: Unusual Natural Phenomenon

The fragrance from sandalwood lingered over the quiet room, which had an unusually dry and hot air. High temperature spread and even the space itself formed some distortion. At a glance, it gave one an illusionary feeling.

Xiao Yan was seated on a stone bed within the quiet room. His eyes were tightly shut and waves of frighteningly high temperature continued to spread from his body. There was vaguely some dense white fire seedlings fleeing from the pores all over his body. These flames lingered over the place and wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm and without any ripples. He did not sense the change around him. At this moment, his mind was completely immersed within the strange Heavenly Flame merger within his body.

Perhaps it was because Xiao Yan was currently in control of three types of Heavenly Flames but his current refinement of the Bone Chilling Flame was not as difficult as he had imagined. Under the intense burning of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame, the Bone Chilling Flame already began to vaguely...

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