Chapter 1292: Refining

Chapter 1292: Refining

Yun Yun did not extend her hand to receive the chief’s jade token as she watched it being suspended in front of her. She was really not interested in this sect chief position. Moreover, due to the shadows from those matters back then, the thing that she was most unwilling to do was to be some chief of a sect…

“Take it.”

Xiao Yan urged when he saw the hesitation on Yun Yun’s face.

It was still alright if he did not open his mouth. The moment he did so, however, Yun Yun could not resist glaring at him. She gritted her silver teeth and said, “Receive it? And allow you to try and act mightily again?”

Xiao Yan was involuntarily a little embarrassed when he heard this. He said, “It has been so many years, yet you still remember these matters. No one was right or wrong in the incident back then. Although I have destroyed the Misty Cloud Sect, the Misty Cloud Sect has also caused my Xiao clan to suffer great losses. I am aware that this matter is unrelated to you but I must still account for certain things…”

“I do not know about all of these great reasons.” Yun Yun’s eyes reddened a little when she mentioned this matter. She was also aware that Xiao Yan was not wrong in that...

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