Chapter 1291: Sect Chief Position

Chapter 1291: Sect Chief Position

The thousand feet giant stood in the sky. An ocean like vast and mighty Dou Qi spread from within the body of the giant. It appeared just like a thick cloud, Wind lightning rolled while it swallowed and released.


Yaohua Liangjun’s face was pale. However, both of his eyes were completely dark and dense. His gaze locked onto Xiao Yan in the sky as his throat suddenly emitted and low cry.

“Go and die!”

The seal formed by Yaohua Liangjun’s hand changed. The giant that stood in the sky suddenly strided forward. Following this step, a wild wind immediately blew across the entire sky. Cloud churned. Even the sky itself had fluctuated.


The giant stepped forward. Its large hand appeared to firmly grabbed onto the naturally energy. Immediately, a shocking bright intense glow erupted on his fist. His large hand was swung and the space immediately split apart. Frightening wind mercilessly smashed violently towards Xiao Yan in the distant sky.

This punch from the giant appeared to carry the natural energy. A ferocious hurricane formed on his hand. Even the square...

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