Chapter 129: One-on-One Fight with a Dou Shi

Chapter 129: One-on-One Fight with a Dou Shi

Eyeing the young man who had abruptly calmed down, Mu She pressed his eyebrows together and tightly held the scimitar in his hand as he coldly mocked, “I don’t believe that you can grow wings today and fly away!”

Striding forward, Mu She slowly headed towards Xiao Yan. When he was close enough, his feet suddenly stomped on the ground and his body shot forward. The scimitar in his hand slashed furiously at Xiao Yan.

Feeling the force of the sharp wind breaking in front of him, Xiao Yan’s face became serious. A Dou Shi and a Dou Zhe were basically two different categories. With his current strength it would be difficult for him to even last ten rounds under Mu She’s attack.

Relying on his outstanding dodging ability, Xiao Yan slightly shifted his body and took a few hurried steps back, avoiding Mu She’s attack which had been aimed to feel out Xiao Yan’s strength. Xiao Yan’s feet interwound and strangely appeared at Mu She’s left. The Dou Qi in his body flowed as he lifted the Heavy Xuan Ruler with his right hand and violently smashed at Mu She’s head.

The furious force above Mu She did not cause...

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