Chapter 129: One-on-One Fight with a Dou Shi

Chapter 129: One-on-One Fight with a Dou Shi

Eyeing the young man who had abruptly calmed down, Mu She pressed his eyebrows together and tightly held the scimitar in his hand as he coldly mocked, “I don’t believe that you can grow wings today and fly away!”

Striding forward, Mu She slowly headed towards Xiao Yan. When he was close enough, his feet suddenly stomped on the ground and his body shot forward. The scimitar in his hand slashed furiously at Xiao Yan.

Feeling the force of the sharp wind breaking in front of him, Xiao Yan’s face became serious. A Dou Shi and a Dou Zhe were basically two different categories. With his current strength it would be difficult for him to even last ten rounds under Mu She’s attack.

Relying on his outstanding dodging ability, Xiao Yan slightly shifted his body and took a few hurried steps back, avoiding Mu She’s attack which had been aimed to feel out Xiao Yan’s strength. Xiao Yan’s feet interwound and strangely appeared at Mu She’s left. The Dou Qi in his body flowed as he lifted the Heavy Xuan Ruler with his right hand and violently smashed at Mu She’s head.

The furious force above Mu She did not cause him to panic. He lifted the scimitar in his hand and fiercely slashed it over his head.

“Clang!” The black ruler and the scimitar clashed, sending sparkles flying. A clear metal sound echoed in the abyss.

During the first time that he exchanged blows with a Dou Shi, Xiao Yan experienced the extent of the force of the Dou Qi belonging to a Dou Shi. The force that was transmitted through the Heavy Xuan Ruler was enough to propel him to take a couple of steps back.

Compared with the numerous steps Xiao Yan took, Mu She’s action appeared much more at ease, having only taken half a step back before his body gradually ceased moving.

“Company Leader, kill him! Take revenge for the Third Company Leader!”

“Kill him!” Seeing that Xiao Yan was at a disadvantage after one blow, the surrounding Wolf Head Mercenaries immediately began crying excitedly.

“What a heavy weapon!” With a shocked gaze, Mu She stared intently at the Heavy Xuan Ruler in Xiao Yan’s hands. He sighed and shook his head as he coldly spoke while staring at Xiao Yan, “If this is all you have, you should just quickly hand the treasure over.”

Flicking his somewhat numb hand, Xiao Yan stared at Mu She with deep and cold eyes. He slowly raised the heavy ruler in his hand and let out a long, dragged out breath. Next, he closed his eyes in front of everyone.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s strange behavior, Mu She frowned, uncertain about what the former was attempting to do.

The surrounding mercenaries were also stunned by Xiao Yan. A moment later, however, they simply folded their arms. The mocking gaze they had was like watching a mouse falling into the paws of a cat and suffering an inevitable death. In their eyes, there was no way Xiao Yan would be able to escape from the hands of a two star Dou Shi regardless of how much he struggled.

As his gaze coldly stared at the closed-eyed Xiao Yan, an uneasiness appeared in Mu She’s heart. This was especially so when he suddenly felt the surge in the surrounding energy become more violent. This uneasiness instantly appeared on his face.

Feeling uneasy, Mu She held his scimitar and carefully stepped towards Xiao Yan. He was no confident because of the difference in their ranks.

Seeing Mu She’s serious expression, the surrounding mercenaries also began to feel that something was amiss. They exchanged glances and unconsciously tightened the grip on their weapons.

“Trying to act all mysterious, go die!” Once again, Mu She stepped forward and entered his attacking range. A menacing look appeared on his face. Without hesitating, he wielded the scimitar in hand and slashed at Xiao Yan throat.

“Too late…” The pair of tightly shut eyes suddenly opened as Xiao Yan’s mouth spat out the two words. The Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand was abruptly lifted. An extreme heat that was under the control of Xiao Yan for the first time appeared on the ruler’s surface.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

Following Xiao Yan’s cry in his heart, the heaven and earth energy above the abyss suddenly surged. Visible energy crazily poured into the Heavy Xuan Ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand as though something was towing them.

With the uncontrolled pouring of energy, the intense heat that was emitted from the surface of the Heavy Xuan Ruler grew increasingly hotter. At the same time, the strange lines on the ruler also released a fiery red light.

After the cry in his heart, the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body began to flow outwards like a rising tide. In just a second, his body that was filled with Dou Qi became empty.

Feeling that the Dou Qi in his body was about to be exhausted, Xiao Yan quickly swallowed the ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ that he had previously placed in his mouth.

With the support of the Dou Qi created by the ‘Energy Recovery Pill’, Xiao Yan gained the remaining strength to unleash the attack. The Heavy Xuan Ruler which had already turned into a fiery red color with a exceedingly high temperature was drawn through the air and slashed towards Mu She with his shock filled face.

From a distance, the air that the ruler’s body passed through appeared distorted as though something was steaming.

After Xiao Yan inputted the last thread of Dou Qi into the Heavy Xuan Ruler, the tip of the ruler flashed. A five foot long crescent red light was unleashed from the ruler like lightening. Accompanied by an incredibly high temperature, it ferociously hacked toward Mu She.

A flashing red light appeared in Mu She’s eyes. When the crescent red light was unleashed, Mu She’s eyes had already narrowed to the size of a needle head. Dou Qi condensing into a shape outside the body? This was something that would require at least the strength of a Da Dou Shi in order to succeed. How did this brat in front of him who was only a Dou Zhe release such a perfect Dou Qi condensation attack?

The shock in his heart lasted only momentarily. Mu She did not have the time to give thought to this question. The Dou Qi in his body flowed violently and a pale green colored Dou Qi covered his scimitar much like sticking a layer of green energy onto the surface of the blade.

“Dancing Wind Blade!”

After releasing a deep breath, the scimitar in Mu She’s hand suddenly began to dance crazily. Numerous green colored shadows of the scimitar continued to appear in front of him. In the eyes of others, it was as though Mu She had formed a web of knives.

This ‘Dancing Wind Blade’ was the highest level Dou Technique that Mu She could use, Low Xuan level. By relying on this Dou Technique, he had taken the title of the strongest in Qingshan Town. When facing this unknown and mysterious attack, the ever cautious Mu She used his strongest move in order to play it safe.

The red crescent light arrived in a flash. Before the surrounding mercenaries could observe what the red light was, a thunder like explosion suddenly sounded above the abyss.


As the thunder like sound died off, the soil where Mu She stood was scattered throughout the air. After which, a shadow was suddenly shot out of the scattered soil. The shadow’s legs dragged the soil beneath it as the shadow was pushed back for over ten meters before landing heavily on a huge tree. Instantly, the tree burst. Only then did the human shadow gradually come to a stop. When everyone gazed at the shadow figure, they instantly took in a gulp of cold air. The shadow figure whose appearance was in a mess was actually the two star Dou Shi, Mu She!

Staring intently at Mu She, whose face appeared white and frightened, everyone swallowed their saliva. Next, they coincidentally shifted their gaze towards the spot where the soil was scattered everywhere, finding numerous crack lines spreading from it. These crack lines finally came to a gradual stop after spreading for over ten meters. At the center where the crack lines originated, a hole one meter deep and half a meter wide appeared before their eyes.

Above the abyss, all was silent. Everyone stared at the glaring hole and then at the pale faced Mu She before feeling a wave of of dizziness.

How did someone with the strength of approximately an eight star Dou Zhe was actually able to turn a two star Dou Shi who had invoked a Low Xuan Dou Technique into such a terrible state?

The brutal reality caused the corner of everyone’s mouth to twitch like they were suffering from a stroke.

The scattered soil finally settled down, gradually revealing the figure of a young man wielding a heavy ruler in his hand.

The young man’s face was similarly pale. His hands tightly held the black ruler as his black eyes emitted a fanaticism that caused others to shiver.

Although using this Di Dou Technique had almost caused Xiao Yan to experience a dangerous backlash of not spending more Dou Qi than he actually had, Xiao Yan was extremely satisfied with the strength that it unleashed. The gap between a Dou Zhe and a Dou Shi was easily filled by the frightening strength of this Di Dou Technique.

After violently coughing a few times, Xiao Yan once again took out an ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ and quickly threw it in his mouth. He swept a thick and cold gaze across the surrounding mercenaries. With the earlier terrifying display, all the gazes that he met quickly avoided him out of fear.

“Kill him! Do it!”

Mu She violently pushing away the mercenary supporting him. The center of his palm had already burst apart and fresh blood dripped all over his clothes. His face had a menacing look that appeared almost insane. The strength that Xiao Yan had displayed had already caused a terror to rise in the heart of this experienced Company Leader.

With his young age, Xiao Yan had shown to have incredible growth speed. On top of it, he possessed a mysterious yet tremendously powerful Dou Technique. This kind of enemy… was everyone’s nightmare. If there was a medicine that could go back and undo what he did, Mu She would have rather not provoked this mysterious young man.

Of course, such a medicine did not exist in this world. Thus, the fear in Mu She’s heart was naturally transformed into a fanatic killing intent. Only by killing Xiao Yan could he find peace. At this moment, Mu She was even willing to abandon the treasure that Xiao Yan possessed.

“Kill him! He has exhausted all his energy!” Mu She cried with all his strength.

Hearing the Company Leader’s order, the surrounding hesitating mercenaries could only tightly grip their weapons and carefully engulf Xiao Yan as they advanced towards him.

“You must die today!” Mu She threatening voice cried as he stared intently at the young man standing by the cliff’s edge.

“I’m sorry but I’m afraid you will not get what you wish for.”

Xiao Yan lifted his head at Mu She’s face which was distorted with a sinister expression. A flush appeared on Xiao Yan’s white face. His body slightly trembled as half a meter wide pitch-black eagle wings suddenly sprung from his back.

When they saw the eagle wings on Xiao Yan’s back, everyone was once again stunned.

The pair of wings on Xiao Yan’s back flapped and he suddenly leaped into the abyss. Under the stunned gazes of everyone, Xiao Yan flapped his wings a couple more times as he flew unevenly towards the cliff on the other side.

“I will remember today’s attempt to kill me and will definitely repay you for it in the future.”

The young man’s back disappeared into the darkness but his bland and cold laughter continued to echo through the air.

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