Chapter 1289: Yaohua Liangjun

Chapter 1289: Yaohua Liangjun

Numerous eyes on the square were stunned as they looked at the man, who had suddenly barge in and grabbed Yun Yun’s hand. In an instant, the entire place actually became quiet. Everyone looked at each other and were somewhat uncertain of the reason for this occurrence.

“You… Xiao Yan? Why are you here?”

Yun Yun’s face was red from embarrassment. She also also somewhat stunned as she stared at the young man wearing a teasing smile on his face beside her. A moment later, she finally involuntarily cried out loud.

“You can’t expect me to simply stand idly by the side if you are in trouble right?” Xiao Yan observed this peerless beauty in front of him. There was an additional unconscious gentleness in his voice.

“It is Yanran?” Yun Yun was slightly startled before she comprehended the situation. Immediately, she sensed the heat that was transmitted from her hand. She hurriedly pulled her hand out from XIao Yan’s palm with a beautiful red face and spoke in a somewhat cautious manner, “This is the Flower Sect. How can you simply recklessly barge in?”

“You have already hid from me so many years. It should be enough, no?” Xiao Yan smiled slightly and sa...

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