Chapter 1288 - Meeting Yun Yun Again

Chapter 1288: Meeting Yun Yun Again

Dense white flame filled both of Xiao Yan's eyes. It was a long while later before they slowly paled. Following the disappearance of the flame, his eyes also once again recovered it clearness.


A turbid vapor was being exhaled from Xiao Yan. His face was covered by a layer of faint fluorescence. There was a joy that could not be hidden vaguely present on it. He had never expected that he would actually be able to successfully remove the resistance within the Bone Chilling Flame towards him within this short dozen over days.

“Currently, the Bone Chilling Flame has already completely merge with me. It can be swallowed anytime…”

Xiao Yan’s revealed an expression of deep thought. The time needed to refine and swallow the Bone Chilling Flame would definitely be quite long. If one counted the time of their journey, they should be arriving at the Flower Sect soon. It was clearly not the best time to swallow it now.

“I should wait for Yun Yun’s matter to be settled before swallowing and refining it.”

Xiao Yan made up his mind and relaxed. He suppressed the fiercely burning Bone Chilling Flame between his brows...

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