Chapter 1286: Fortune

Chapter 1286: Fortune

A beautiful figure was seated on a chair in a somewhat restrained manner within the hall. The lady was wearing a pale-green clothes. Her lovely body with alluring curves appeared extremely enchanting while being wrapped under her clothes. However, that pretty face appeared a little haggard when compared to the past. Those beautiful eyes of hers would repeatedly sweep outside of the hall when she picked up a teacup.


While she was sitting uneasily, the tightly shut door of the hall was slowly pushed opened. Immediately, a familiar young figure slowly walked in.

Nalan Yanran’s pretty eyes watched the young man, who had pushed open the door and entered. A complicated emotion flashed across her eyes. She had naturally heard about the matters regarding Xiao Yan in the Central Plains during these years. No one could expect that the latter would actually be able to do extremely well for himself within this Central Plains that was filled with many experts after they separated at the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool back then.

Although her heart possessed some unknown bitterness, Nalan Yanran quickly suppressed it. The...

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