Chapter 1282: Displaying one’s Great Might

Chapter 1282: Displaying one’s Great Might

Ninth Tianzun’s expression changed slightly when his hand was being grabbed. This was because he discovered that at this moment, the circulating Dou Qi within his body became sluggish. The fog that was permeated with rain droplets also rapidly disappeared.

This scene naturally caused some shock to surge up ninth Tianzun’s heart. He suddenly raised his head, only to see an elderly figure suspended in the sky. That familiar face directly caused him to involuntarily exclaim.

“Yao Chen? Your body… you have actually recovered your strength?”

Ninth Tianzun had discovered with a glance that the current body of Yao Lao no longer possess that kind of illusory form like in the past. Clearly, it was an actual body. Moreover, the reason for his heart to sink rapidly was the frightening aura that filled Yao Lao’s body. That aura was so strong that it caused even his heart to pound a little.

“Teacher? You have awoken?”

Xiao Yan hurriedly turned around during the time that ninth Tianzun’s attack was blocked. He saw Yao Lao behind and a joy quickly surged onto his face.


Yao Lao smiled slightly towards Xiao Yan. After which, he slowly said, “Little fellow, you should go and...

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