Chapter 1280: Unleash

Chapter 1280: Unleash


Two human figures that were covered by vast and mighty Dou Qi clusters collided violently in the sky. Frightening earthshaking noise shot towards the cloud. Even the clouds that floated in the sky had been shaken until they scattered at this moment. No one dared to step within a thousand feet radius of the two. With such a terrifying Dou Qi attack, it was likely that even an ordinary elite Dou Zun would have difficulty blocking it.

“Ha ha, how enjoyable!”

Xiao Yan violently collided with old ghost Zhai Xing. The strong and fierce force shook Xiao Yan until he pulled back by over a dozen steps. His face was also covered with a desire to battle. Due to there being too big of a gap when they battled with old ghost Zhai Xing earlier, he was unable to exchange blows head on with the other party. All he could do was to rely on his speed and agility to dodge. After which, he began to display his Dou Qi attack. It was the first time this kind of bold head on collision had occurred.

Compared with Xiao Yan’s loud laughter, old ghost Zhai Xing’s expression had become increasingly gloomy. In front of the many experts...

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