Chapter 128: Killers’ Chase

Chapter 128: Killers’ Chase

The calmness of the Magic Beast Mountain Range was disrupted by the sudden chase. Numerous loud cries and sounds of the pursuit reverberated throughout the calm mountain range.

Due to the sheer size of the group involved in the chase, even the mercenaries who were hunting for Magic Beasts paused their footsteps and stared at the vast group that rushed passed them.

Being curious, some of the mercenaries joined the large group and began running. They wanted to see just who could attract such a large scale attack.

“Catch Xiao Yan. That guy has a Xuan class Qi Method with him!”

During the chase, Mu She opened his mouth and yelled after noticing that there were many mercenary troops standing at the side observing.

Upon hearing their Company Leader yell, the Wolf Head Mercenary Company behind also intelligently began to repeat their leader’s words. Instantly, the cry of Xiao Yan possessing a Xuan Tier Qi Method was spread throughout the entire mountain range.

Once the words ‘Xuan Tier Qi Method’ entered their ears, almost all of the mercenaries halted their work and exchanged greedy glances with one another.

After a brief silence, someone was finally unable to resist the temptation of a Xuan Tier Qi Method. He grabbed his weapon and began...

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