Chapter 1276: Perfect Body

Chapter 1276: Perfect Body

The interior of the stone tower at the back mountain of the Falling Star Pavilion during the morning of the next day.

“Teacher, the body refinement will begin soon. Are you ready?” Xiao Yan took out the four-star Dou Zun skeleton of Feng zun-zhe and placed it gently on the stone platform. After which, his gaze turned towards Yao Lao by the side and spoke.

“Yes.” Yao Lao nodded in a solemn manner. Despite his state of mind, a ripple had involuntarily appeared in his heart at this moment.

“Old Feng, the body refinement, and the merging process this time around might require a period of time. Do not allow anyone to enter the stone tower during this period of time…” Xiao Yan turned his gaze, looked at Feng zun-zhe by the side again and spoke in a deep voice.

“You can rest assured that the Falling Star Pavilion will enter into a cautious state once you begin. The experts that have gone out will also be summoned back.” Feng zun-zhe’s face was grave as he nodded. Should Yao Lao recover his peak strength, the Falling Star Pavilion would be able to strengthen rapidly. At that time, it...

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