Chapter 1275: Saint (sheng-zhe) Zhao Hua

Chapter 1275: Saint (sheng-zhe) Zhao Hua


An explosion sounded deep within Xiao Yan’s mind. His soul also trembled intensely at this moment. Immediately, his gaze gradually became blurry. By the time he recovered, he discovered that he was within a mysterious realm.

This space was not very big and there was also not the slightest life force within this empty space. Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around a little. After which, they suddenly paused on a certain spot in the empty space. An extremely ordinary figure was standing with his hands behind him at that spot. Xiao Yan was basically unable to sense even the slightest aura or Dou Qi trace from that body. That manner was as though he was just a normal person.

However, this feeling that he got from his sight caused Xiao Yan's heart to become increasingly grave. How could an ordinary person appear in this kind of mysterious place? If he guessed correctly, this figure should be the true owner of the remain.

“This place should be a memory space that is hidden within the Dou Technique. This figure is also not a genuine elite Dou...

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