Chapter 127: The Huge Encirclement

Chapter 127: The Huge Encirclement

Clear and cold moonlight slowly spilled from the heavens, covering the entire forest in a faint and mysterious net of silver.


On one of the mountain tops, a young man tightly gripped onto a branch so hard that veins surfaced all over his arm, his forehead was covered in cold sweat while he was biting tightly down on his sleeve.

The bare back of the young man was lathered with a red liquid, while a somewhat illusionary looking old man was currently using a jade plate to slowly spread the liquid. Every time his hand moved to spread the liquid, the young man’s body jerked violently.

Only when the old man had spread the red liquid until it completely covered the back of the young man did the old man grudgingly stop. Lowering his head to gaze at the youth who was in so much pain that his face had cramped up, the old man cheerfully laughed and mocked, “Isn’t it comfortable?”

“Comfortable, my a**!” A burning pain emitted from Xiao Yan’s back, causing him to immediately curse out; he was already mentally scarred by the burning pain.

“Hehe,” Yao Lao chuckled as he looked down to gaze as the red liquid did it’s work on Xiao Yan’s back before slightly nodding and then inquiring:...

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