Chapter 1263: Great Heaven Fortune Palm

Chapter 1263: Great Heaven Fortune Palm

Xiao Yan’s eyes focused on the jade white rib cage. His mind had churned violently because of that shocking thought.

“Those ten scrolls are all used to confuse people. The true treasure is actually on this skeleton. No wonder that old ghost Zhai Xing insist on attacking. It is because… he is aware that the treasure is hidden on this skeleton.” A thought hurriedly lingered on Xiao Yan’s heart at this moment. He finally understood why old ghost Zhai Xing would actually go all out and fight with this Dou Sheng skeleton despite his cautious character.

“Hee, what a cunning old ghost.”

Xiao Yan laughed coldly within his heart. The flickering glow in his eyes was swiftly withdrawn. The purple-brown flame on his hand hovered over it once again. His palm was subsequently thrown out in a lightning like fashion. Each palm violently landed on the rib cage of the Dou Sheng skeleton. Under the frighteningly high temperature, the scarlet colour that was present on the bones also swiftly disappeared. By sweeping his gaze over it for a moment, Xiao Yan discovered that not every bone had the kind of mysterious characters. It appeared that only a couple of ribs near the...

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