Chapter 1262: Join Hands

Chapter 1262: Join Hands

The skeleton thin body stood within the large hall. Its originally jade white body had already turned scarlet. At a glance, it gave one a kind of extremely strong bloody feeling. Two clusters of faint red glow flickered slightly within the skeleton’s eyes.

Two scrolls were dancing in the midair above the head of the Dou Sheng skeleton. Some unknown lucky fellow had obtained one scroll during the chaos earlier. Hence, there were currently these two scrolls remaining that were without an owner. Of course, at this moment, there were hardly anyone who dared to snatch the meat from a tiger’s mouth in the face of the deterrence by the Dou Sheng skeleton.

The expressions of everyone in the hall once again changed slightly when that hoarse and old voice slowly sounded. From the looks of it, they would not be able to smoothly leave if they did not defeat this Dou Sheng skeleton.

“Everyone, there is no need to panic. The interior of this Dou Sheng skeleton only possess a remanent spiritual imprint left by that expert when he was alive. It is not a genuine Dou Sheng. It is not impossible to defeat it. However, the precondition is that we must join hands. Otherwise, if it defeats us individually, there is a chance that all of...

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