Chapter 126: Kill

Chapter 126: Kill

Following a soft sound from behind him, an intense force suddenly appeared behind He Meng.

He Meng’s face changed when he felt the strength of this force. He stomped on the ground, letting out an angry cry as a white color began to quickly spread all over his naked back.

“Octane Blast!”

Xiao Yan coldly called in his heart as he suddenly tightened his first. His smooth sleeves emitted some paper like noises as it was shaken by the intense force. Xiao Yan’s fist then violently shot forward. Within the short distance, the intense force that the fist carried emitted a sharp whistle of wind parting.

The sharp noise of the wind breaking behind him caused He Meng’s face to turn aghast. This seemingly frail boy had actually trained his physical strength to such an extent?

“Clang!” A clear sound echoed throughout the tent. The sound, which lingered in the air for a while, was piercing to the ear.

An expressionless Xiao Yan smashed his right fist onto He Meng’s back with great force. The ferocious force that was emitted from his feet directly blasted a half a metre wide hole in the ground around his feet.

“Crack…” A faint sound was accompanied by the appearance of many crack lines that gradually appeared and spread on He Meng’s back. However, it was suppressed a moment later by the Dou Qi flowing in He Meng’s body.

“I have already told you that you do not have the ability to break my defense.” He Meng smiled thickly as he turned around.

“That may not be true...” Xiao Yan smiled and withdrew his hand that was pressed on He Meng’s back. The corner of his mouth lifted as he whispered, “Explode!”


A deep faint sound suddenly sounded from within He Meng’s body, quickly hardening the smile on his face. A shocked expression soon replaced the smile.

“Urrr.” A mouthful of fresh blood originating from the damaged internal organs was violently thrown up. He Meng’s rock solid body subsequently fell feebly onto the ground.

Watching the life being rapidly drained from the corpse, Xiao Yan simply wiped his hand indifferently, turned around and left.


The morning sunlight spilled from the sky and passed through the cover of the canopy before its scattered remains shined upon the quiet campsite under the trees.

Within the quiet campsite, some of the unconscious mercenaries suddenly opened their eyes in a confused manner. They slowly sat up and exchanged glances with one another. A little while later, an alertness abruptly appeared in the mercenaries who had just woken up. With great speed, they climbed to their feet and stared at the silent campsite. Finally, they grabbed their weapons and strode towards the tent located at the middle.

“Third Company Leader!” A mercenary shouted as he stood outside the tent. There was no reply.

Once again, the mercenaries waited in silence for another moment. An uneasiness finally crept into their hearts.With a large knife, one of the mercenaries stepped forward and slashed the drapes covering the tent apart.

The drapes gradually fell, revealing the scene within to everyone.

In the interior of the tent, He Meng was lying still on the ground with both his eyes open. On his face was a fear that would remain eternally. A thick pool of fresh blood formed on the floor. The sight constantly provoked the witnesses shocked hearts, which had already reached their limit.

“The Third Company Leader… was killed?”

The shocked faces of all who saw the tragic scene turned white and weak.


“The Third Company Leader of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company was killed?”

“It is said that the one who did it was the young man whom they had put a bounty on.”

“Ha ha. Insider news. that young man who is called Xiao Yan had already killed nearly twenty members of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company.”

“Tsk tsk. The members of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company have lost all their face. Being thrown into such a mess by a boy younger than twenty… ha ha, let’s see if Mu She can continue acting arrogant.”

No one knew where the rumor originated from but within an afternoon, almost everyone in Qingshan Town knew about the matter of the Third Company Leader of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company being killed by Xiao Yan. Soon, numerous mocking eyes which wanted to see how things would play out began to turn towards the silent Wolf Head Mercenary Company.

In a small silent room, a lady in white was carefully mixing medicinal powder. But when she heard the news from the female servant outside, her hands froze causing the medicinal powder being mixed in her hands to instantly fail.

Gently shaking her head, the lady in white placed the small bottle on the table. Her bright eyes glanced around and a faint smile appeared on her beautiful face as she said in a low voice, “Xiao Yan, you have really started taking revenge.”

The Fairy Doctor’s hands straightened her white skirt as she elegantly sat on the chair. After which, she took out a seven colored scroll and pouted as she stroke it gently. “Since he’s able to kill He Meng, Xiao Yan’s current strength should be around that of an eight star Dou Zhe. What a frightening training speed. It was only a couple of months since we last met…”

“Miss, Mister Yao would like to see you.” A gentle voice of a female servant sounded from outside the door.

Hearing this notice, the Fairy Doctor’s eyebrow straightened. Mister Yao was the one in charge of the ‘Thousand Medicinal House’. In the last few days, this guy had frequently come to look for her after hearing some rumors from the Wolf Head Mercenary Company. As for his intention, it was obvious even without voicing it.

“Let him in.” The Fairy Doctor made sure the seven colored scroll was properly hidden before she helplessly sighed. Since she was living under someone else’s roof, she had to give the due respect to the owner.

“Haha, have you been well recently Miss Fairy Doctor?” A short while after the female servant had conveyed the notice, a man in expensive clothes walked into the room with a smile as he greeted the Fairy Doctor.

The Fairy Doctor lifted her eyes and watched the middle aged man in front of her as she nodded her head. She stood up, turned around and bent down to pour two cups of tea on the table beside her.

Seated on the chair, Mister Yao looked at the beautiful angle the Fairy Doctor’s figure presented before staring intently at her extremely narrow waist. An unknown light flashed across his eyes.

At the moment when the Fairy Doctor turned around, Mister Yao appropriately withdrew his disrespectful gaze. The Fairy Doctor lifted the tea cup and lightly placed it on the table before moving her red lips and asked in a soft voice, “Is there a reason that you are looking for me, Mister Yao?”

“Haha.” Mister Yao smiled. Using both hands, he held his tea cup which had the remnants of heat left behind by the beautiful lady’s hand. Without anyone noticing, he rubbed the tea cup. He sipped tea and replied with a smile, “I assume that you have heard news about the person known as Xiao Yan?”

“Mmm.” The face of the Fairy Doctor was unaffected by the words and remained calm.

“He was with you when you entered the cave to look for treasure, wasn’t he?” A glint appeared in Mister Yao’s eyes as he suddenly asked.

“Mister Yao, I think you are mistaken,” The Fairy Doctor shook her head and replied with a smile, “I was indeed together with Xiao Yan before but that was because he had luckily helped me when I almost fell off a cliff while picking medicinal herbs. As for searching for treasure in a cave, I’m sorry, but we did not find any treasure. However, I’ve heard that the Wolf Head Mercenary Company suddenly left us on the way back. It seems that they had found something.”

“If Mister Yao is interested in treasure, you can get the leaders of the two other large mercenary companies to go and look at the things that the Wolf Head Mercenary Company brought back.” The Fairy Doctor maintained her smile as she suggested.

Hearing this, Mister Yao’s face changed. He instantly responded, “It was just a random question. Hehe. Since you are acquainted with Xiao Yan, you should invite him to our ‘Thousand Medicinal House’ if you see him again. Although the strength of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company is large, our ‘Thousand Medicinal House’ would not lose to them.”

“If there’s an opportunity to, I will help you convey the message. It is just that I am barely acquainted with him so Mister Yao should not expect too much.” The Fairy Doctor carelessly said.

“Haha, alright. Then I will not disturb you. I’ll go out and settle some work.” Nodding with a smile, Mister Yao made some small talk with the Fairy Doctor before getting up and bidding her goodbye.

Watching the room’s door gradually closing, the Fairy Doctor glanced at the tea cup which Mister Yao had drank from and mumbled, “It looks like he has not gotten rid of his intention. Ah, I hope that you will not do anything to disappoint me. I may not be very strong but… do you really think that you can simply drink the tea that I brew.”

An image of a black clothed young man flashed in her mind as the Fairy Doctor gently tapped the dark green tea cup. Her red lips rose, “You are the first man who has undergone thick and thin with me. Please don’t die in this small little Qingshan Town…”


A lifeless corpse was placed in the middle of the hall that was shrouded by a gloomy atmosphere. The face of the corpse was that of the Third Company Leader who had died by Xiao Yan’s hands.

Everyone in the hall remained silent as they eyed He Meng’s corpse. None of them dared to even emit the slightest sound because they could feel the chilly killing intent from the man seated in the leader’s chair.

“I want to tear that little bastard into a thousand pieces!”

Mu She stared at the corpse with bloodied eyes as he clenched his teeth audibly; an explosive anger that was suppressed could be heard in his thick voice.

Astonishment and fear flashed across Mu Li’s narrow eyes as he eyed the cold corpse beside him. The boy whom he had chased all over the mountain a few months ago had actually grown to such an extent. As the third strongest person in the Wolf Head Mercenary Company, He Meng’s strength was something that Mu Li was certain of. However, this strong person whom even he was afraid of, was killed by a young man who was not even twenty. This dream like reality prompted a fear of the Xiao Yan to rise in Mu Li’s heart and stoked his ferocious killing intent.

This kind of enemy…. must be killed at all cost!

Gradually raising his head, Mu Li exchanged glances with Mu She seated on the leader’s chair. In the eyes of both the father and son, who possessed similar characters, was a mutual, strengthened killing intent.

“The fact that Xiao Yan could kill He Meng means that his strength is around that of an eight star Dou Zhe. Moreover, He Meng possesses a High Huang Rock Qi Method and is familiar with two other High Huang Dou Techniques, which would placed him amongst the stronger ones when compared with others of the same grade. However, he was still killed by Xiao Yan. It looks like this guy possesses Dou Techniques and Qi Methods that are of a higher level.” Mu She’s voice was filled with an evil coldness.

“From tomorrow onwards, all the members who are five star Dou Zhe or stronger will remove their Wolf Head badge and act as independent mercenaries. We will split into five man teams and enter the Magic Beast Mountain Range. If anyone finds any traces of Xiao Yan, immediately use the bamboo whistle to communicate!” Mu She’s face was cold and serious as he gave the order.

“Yes sir!” The people gathered under him replied in unison.

“I don’t believe that that little bastard will be able to escape from my hands!” Mu She’s hands slowly tightened as he coldly laughed.

“Little bastard, your impudent days are over.”

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