Chapter 126: Kill

Chapter 126: Kill

Following a soft sound from behind him, an intense force suddenly appeared behind He Meng.

He Meng’s face changed when he felt the strength of this force. He stomped on the ground, letting out an angry cry as a white color began to quickly spread all over his naked back.

“Octane Blast!”

Xiao Yan coldly called in his heart as he suddenly tightened his first. His smooth sleeves emitted some paper like noises as it was shaken by the intense force. Xiao Yan’s fist then violently shot forward. Within the short distance, the intense force that the fist carried emitted a sharp whistle of wind parting.

The sharp noise of the wind breaking behind him caused He Meng’s face to turn aghast. This seemingly frail boy had actually trained his physical strength to such an extent?

“Clang!” A clear sound echoed throughout the tent. The sound, which lingered in the air for a while, was piercing to the ear.

An expressionless Xiao Yan smashed his right fist onto He Meng’s back with great force. The ferocious force that was emitted from his feet directly blasted a half a metre wide hole in the ground around his feet.

“Crack…” A faint sound was accompanied by the appearance...

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