Chapter 1259: Snatching the Ancient Scroll

Chapter 1259: Snatching the Ancient Scroll


Xiao Yan’s cry had just sounded when a purple-brown flame immediately surged out from his body. His feet stomped on the ground and the floor immediately cracked into powder. His body was just like an enormous fire dragon that forcefully charged towards the crowd that was intercepting the bright red scroll in the most brutal fashion.

Xiao Yan’s sudden intervention had also attracted the notice of many people. Immediately, the expressions of quite a number of people changed slightly. A chilling aura flickered in their eyes. They waved their sleeves. Fierce Dou Qi pillars ruthlessly rushed towards Xiao Yan while being accompanied by a rushing wind sound.

Given the strength of these people, they would usually not dare to attack Xiao Yan. However, at this moment, everyone had become crazy under the allure of the Tian class Dou Skill. No one would bother about the other person’s status or strength. Hence, they did not hesitate when attacking.


Xiao Yan let out a cold snort as he looked at the dozen over Dou Qi pillars that had rushed over. He flicked his finger and five purple-brown fire pillars hurriedly shot...

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