Chapter 1258: Chaos

Chapter 1258: Chaos


It was as if a large bomb had been thrown into the originally quiet and tense large hall at this moment. Within an instant, it had caused the interior of the main hall to boil like a pot of oil.

Chi chi!

The light cluster disappeared. Ten different coloured rays of light surged out from within. Through the light, it was possible for one to vaguely see the scroll objects within it. An ancient aura spread out from within these scrolls. This caused the eyes of quite a number of experts to become bloody red at this moment. Their breathing had also suddenly become heavier.

“A Tian class Dou Skill is about to be born!”

After the light surged, the large hall remained silent for a short blink of an eye before a sharp cry suddenly resounded over the place. Immediately, one could hear a rumbling sound appearing. Waves after waves of powerful dense Dou Qi erupted within the large hall. Numerous figures became like locust as they transformed into rays of light that rushed towards the light scrolls without due care of their lives.

Faced with the blockage of many experts, those ten rays of light appeared to possess their own intelligence. They were actually able to turn...

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