Chapter 1253: Qing Lin?

Chapter 1253: Qing Lin?

“Humph, I have already chased this beast for a long time. You are the ones who are snatching it. Yet, you wish to hand it over to you now, isn’t that a joke?”

That black shadow figure immediately laughed coldly upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan. Clearly, the figure was a woman. Moreover, it was likely that she was quite young.

“Just where did this woman come from? She already possessed such a mysterious tactic at such an age. There isn’t any word of such a young and outstanding person in the Central Plains.” Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. A thought swiftly flew within his heart. However, he was still without any conclusion a moment later. At the end, he could only attribute it to there being too many hidden experts within the Central Plains.

“Woman, you are really shameless. The things here belongs to no one. Would it not be a joke to say it belongs to whoever set sight on it first? If you have the ability, you should release the Pill Beast and see just which side it will run towards!” Zi Yan cried out.

That black shadow person softly snorted in the face of Zi Yans’ cry. However, her hands that were grabbing onto the pill beast did not relax even a little. She was naturally aware that if she...

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