Chapter 1252: Attracting the Pill Beast

Chapter 1252: Attracting the Pill Beast

“Medicinal Pill?”

Everyone were stunned upon hearing these vulgarities of Xiao Yan. It was a long while later before they gradually recovered. Their eyes were filled with disbelief as they watched the snow white little beast. At this moment, the latter was staring at them curiously with a pair of intelligent eyes. How did this appearance resemble a medicinal pill?

“How could there be such a big medicinal pill?” Little Fairy Doctor mumbled.

“I’m definitely right. I will not recognise that kind of medicinal pill scent wrongly. Earlier, I thought that it was being emitted from some of the remaining medicinal pills. After a detailed probe, however, I discover that the pill fragrance is being emitted from the body of this small beast.” Xiao Yan’s eyes were filled with a fiery heat that was difficult to hide.

“There are indeed some high tier medicinal pills that are indeed able to change form and even possess some intelligence. This place is an ancient remains left behind by an elite Dou Sheng. It is not very strange for there to be something like this…” Tian Huo zun-zhe said. He immediately smiled bitterly. He had never been able to see a medicinal...

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