Chapter 1251: Ancient Medicinal Pill

Chapter 1251: Ancient Medicinal Pill

Everyone nodded when they heard these words of Xiao Yan. Since they had already taken the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, there was no longer any meaning in them remaining here.

Seeing that no one objected, Xiao Yan once again glanced at this plain, where an Ancient Heaven Phoenix and an Ancient Void Dragon had died. His toes pressed on the stone platform and his body appeared beside the beast spiritual barrier. Zi Yan by the side randomly drew a crack line with her hand and Xiao Yan’s group rushed out through the gap.

Golden light flashed within the forest. A couple of figures appeared out of nowhere. Dou Qi immediately surged from their bodies after they appeared. The Dou Qi was only withdrawn after they fail to sense any unexpected change around them.

“Those fellows has already fled beforehand. Looks like that old fellow is quite seriously injured…”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief upon seeing the empty forest as he laughed.

“Yes.” Little Fairy Doctor and the rest also nodded. Their eyes swept around the place and they could vaguely hear the sound of some intense battles and beast roars transmitted from within this forest. It was likely caused by those who had barged in to seek for treasure.

“Let’s leave this place first. The commotion is becoming increasingly big. It would sooner or later disturb those powerful...

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