Chapter 1250: Ancestral Soul Fight

Chapter 1250: Ancestral Soul Fight

The golden light arrived from all directions. After which, it suddenly dissolved when it was within a hundred feet radius around that lovely little figure. In an instant, that destructive strength disappeared.

Xiao Yan's group revealed a shocked expression was he looked at the lovely small figure in front of him. They could suddenly sense a kind of undescribable frightening pressure from within her body. Compared to this pressure, the Ancient Heaven Phoenix earlier was undoubtedly much inferior.

“Both of them had summoned their own remnant ancestor soul…” Tian Huo zun-zhe spoke with surprise.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes looked at the enormous bones on the plains and his heart was slightly shakened. It was unexpected that this Ancient Void Dragon and Ancient Heaven Phoenix would actually possess such a frightening energy despite having been dead for so many years. It seemed that these two big fellows were at least at the Dou Sheng class when they were alive.

“Ancient Void Dragon?”

Zi Yan, who had suddenly appeared and the ancestor soul that she had summoned immediately caused a shocked expression to surge up the face of the black robed old man. At this moment, they finally abruptly remembered that in order for Xiao Yan’s group to enter...

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