Chapter 125: Eight Star Dou Zhe - He Meng

Chapter 125: Eight Star Dou Zhe - He Meng

Lowering his head and looking at the soft white woman below him, a lewd smile appeared on He Meng’s face. His hands heavily kneaded the two soft breasts while exerting a slight force. The woman below him briefly arched up her waist like a female cat, letting loose a moaning sound of debauchery.

Stimulated by this soft moan, He Meng used both arms to tightly hug the woman’s waist. A brief moment later, both naked bodies stiffened.

Raising his head, the intense pleasure caused He Meng to take a deep breath. His previously stiffened body also quietly softened at this moment.

As He Meng’s body was slightly shaking due to the pleasure, his sharp senses honed by long years of living at the knife's edge caused his whole body to tighten up again. A bolt of alarm shot across his heart; he grabbed the blanket beside him and threw it behind him.

“Chi la”

A touch of bitter light easily sliced apart the bedding and a shadow rapidly shot into the tent. A bitter cold blade heartlessly shot towards He Meng’s neck.

This sudden assault caused He Meng’s face to change drastically. His body awkwardly rolled...

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