Chapter 125: Eight Star Dou Zhe - He Meng

Chapter 125: Eight Star Dou Zhe - He Meng

Lowering his head and looking at the soft white woman below him, a lewd smile appeared on He Meng’s face. His hands heavily kneaded the two soft breasts while exerting a slight force. The woman below him briefly arched up her waist like a female cat, letting loose a moaning sound of debauchery.

Stimulated by this soft moan, He Meng used both arms to tightly hug the woman’s waist. A brief moment later, both naked bodies stiffened.

Raising his head, the intense pleasure caused He Meng to take a deep breath. His previously stiffened body also quietly softened at this moment.

As He Meng’s body was slightly shaking due to the pleasure, his sharp senses honed by long years of living at the knife's edge caused his whole body to tighten up again. A bolt of alarm shot across his heart; he grabbed the blanket beside him and threw it behind him.

“Chi la”

A touch of bitter light easily sliced apart the bedding and a shadow rapidly shot into the tent. A bitter cold blade heartlessly shot towards He Meng’s neck.

This sudden assault caused He Meng’s face to change drastically. His body awkwardly rolled on the bed and dangerously avoided the edge of the blade.

Failing to hit its target, the blade of the sword slashed out horizontally without hesitation. A glint of cold light swept past the clump of fire within the tent and immediately continued to pursue to evading He Meng and drew a shallow line of blood from his chest.

“Ah!” Looking at the black shadow that suddenly barged in, the woman on the bed screamed loudly in horror. With a flip of Xiao Yan’s palm, a piece of charcoal was sucked into his hand. Without even looking back, Xiao Yan threw it behind him. Following this, a short sharp sound that made people feel despair, rang out and the irritating screaming stopped.

“Who are you? Why do you want to assassinate me? Don’t you know that I’m one of the three leaders of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company?” Panicking, He Meng raged.

“That’s precisely the reason I am here to kill you.” The black shadow raised his head, revealing the clear features of his youth.

“You… Xiao Yan?!” Looking at the young face, He Meng was stunned. His view quickly shifted away from the the youth to the massive ruler behind his back; narrowing his eyes, he coldly spoke out.

“What an honor, to be able to be remembered by the Third Company Leader.”

Lightly smiling, Xiao Yan’s palm slightly cupped before suddenly hitting the hilt of the long sword. It became a glint of cold steel, shooting forward like a lightning bolt towards He Meng.

The speed of the sword was quite fast and even though He Meng’s reactions weren't slow, a wound was still left on his face.

Licking the blood that flowed from his face, a strong killing intent rose in He Meng’s eyes. Coldly laughing, “You sure are truly courageous, to the point of daring to assassinate me alone. But this is fine as well since I will do away with you right here. You are simply saving me the trouble of searching for you in the future.”

While speaking, He Meng lightly twisted his head and a light Dou Qi started to appear around his body. A clacking sound was emitted from between the bones of a pair of tightly clenched fists.

Looking at He Meng who entered his battle state, Xiao Yan helplessly shrugged. This guy’s adaptability to danger far outstripped his expectations, causing his ambush plan to fail.

However, the ambush came into being because of the fact that the lazy Xiao Yan wanted to save some energy. As this notion was completely dispelled, Xiao Yan didn’t care about spending a little more effort. After all, after his hard months of training, Xiao Yan definitely needed to experience some battles to measure his improvement.

Xiao Yan body slightly twisted, causing his bones to create sounds that were not softer than He Meng’s. Opening his palms slowly and then tightly closing them, a faded yellow Dou Qi began to appear from within his fists.

“Brat, deciding to treat me as your prey will be the stupidest decision of your life!” He Meng’s lips rose with a bloody smile and his feet fiercely stepped on the ground to rush towards Xiao Yan like a massive monster.

Coldly looking at the beastly He Meng approaching, Xiao Yan’s palms slowly stretched outwards. A moment after, they opened and he shouted, “Get lost!”

Following Xiao Yan’s shout, a fierce and wild strength emerged from his palms and knocked heavily onto He Meng’s body.


There was a muffled sound and the bloodthirsty look on He Meng’s face grew stale. The stature that was rushing forward flew back fiercely and his feet that were tightly clutching the ground caused a deep trench in the ground for a few meters before he slowly stopped.

“You sure have some skills brat.” A heavy look of consideration appeared on He Meng’s face. He slowly spat out a breath while his fist beat his chest. Slowly his skin that was originally old bronze in color, gradually became whiter.

“The Qi Method that I trained in is in the Rock Attribute which is known for its powerful defense. There is simply no way you can break through my defense by relying on your own power!” While coldly laughing, He Meng’s fists tightened. On his arms, a ghastly white color was beginning to appear.

He Meng’s feet once again stepping on the ground but his current speed was drastically faster than his previous speed. The wind pressure brought about by this new fierce speed caused the tent to shake.

Calmly facing the incoming fierce wind, Xiao Yan’s body simply moved slightly sideways as a fist with an enormous force floated by his face.

Xiao Yan’s feet lightly slid across the ground as he appeared behind He Meng like a ghost. In return, his fist that held Dou Qi heavily smashed into He Meng’s neck.

“Dang!” The fist smashed on He Meng’s body, yet the only result was a clear sound similar to hitting a rock.

Xiao Yan’s brows slightly wrinkled before he quickly withdrew his fists and lending upon his speed, used his elbows and knees to attack a moment later. Each hit would land on the same spot and briefly inside the tent, there was the continuous sound of beating rocks.

“Get lost, what an annoying fly. I said earlier that based on your current strength, you are still unable to break my Rock Qi defence!” He Meng delightedly laughed. His right foot bore a fierce and intense strength while he kicked backwards.

Meeting He Meng’s foot with two palms, the tyrannical power behind the kick caused Xiao Yan’s body to fly backwards.

“Befitting the reputation of one of the most physical type Dou Qi, this really strong.” Xiao Yan was amazed. Flipping through the air, Xiao Yan steadily landed back on the ground and shook his slightly numb palms.

“Brat, with this little strength, you are deluded to oppose the Wolf Head Mercenary Company. You are simply looking for death!” He Meng patted the dust from his back and smiled sinisterly: “I don’t have time to play with you. I’ll just have to finish you off quickly so that you don’t interrupt my pleasure.”

He Meng spread his palm in front of his chest and bent his legs. The hair on his head stood up as an off-white Dou Qi flashed across his eyes.

A white colored gas was spat out from Mu She’s mouth. At that moment, Xiao Yan noticed that He Meng’s limbs had suddenly become much stiff than before.

The pale muscles on his naked arms continued to vibrate as a ferocious strength began to quickly form with them.

“It’s over, brat!”

Feeling the gushing strength from within his body, He Meng grinned at Xiao Yan. Those white teeth of his carried a whiff of fierceness.

Staring at He Meng whose strength had suddenly rose significantly, Xiao Yan’s face became serious as Dou Qi began gathering around his hand.

After circulating the energy in his body, He Meng entered his peak state. His feet stepped off the ground and his speed exploded to the point that it was comparable to Xiao Yan’s.

Xiao Yan’s sight became momentarily blurry before He Meng’s sinister face suddenly appeared. His enormous fist carried the sound of incredible wind pressure as it viciously smashed towards Xiao Yan’s head.

The intense force above his head cause Xiao Yan’s expression to change. An explosive force blasted from Xiao Yan’s palm. With the aid of the repulsion created by the blast, Xiao Yan quickly retreated.

“Trying to escape?” Seeing the hastily retreating Xiao Yan, He Meng coldly laughed. He strided forward and caught up with Xiao Yan. He bent his body and like a creeping leopard, pounced in towards Xiao Yan.

“Go and die!” Grinning wickedly, He Meng’s fist once again furiously smashed downwards on Xiao Yan’s head.

Looking at this unavoidable situation, Xiao Yan’s brow wrinkled tightly. The Dou Qi inside his body started rapidly flowing, then he raised both fists and intercepted the deathly blow.


A deep but muffled sound exploded within the tent. The strong gust of wind created by the clashing of the two enormous forces shaved off a layer of dirt off the ground where the two men came into contact.

“You dare to directly confront my attack? Get lost!”

Seeing that Xiao Yan chose to take his attack on directly, a cruelness flashed across He Meng’s eyes. All of the Dou Qi in him flowed within his veins and exploded forth.

“Arr…” The enormous force caused Xiao Yan’s face to turn white as a weak groan escaped his throat. His footsteps quickly staggered backwards, stopping only when he reached the edge of the tent.

“I did not expect that you would be able to withstand a direct assault from me. You frequently train your body, don’t you?” Seeing that Xiao Yan appeared to have only received a slight injury, He Meng could not help but say with shock. It should be noted that the hardship one must endure to train the body was something that simply training Dou Qi cannot be compared with. Eyeing Xiao Yan’s tender body, it was difficult for He Meng to imagine that the former was someone who trained his body.

“Looks like without removing the restrictions, defeating an eight star Dou Zhe is still a little difficult….” Rubbing his chest that was a little choked, Xiao Yan suddenly mumbled softly and sighed.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s mumbling, He Meng brow wrinkled and he started coldly sneering.

Sighing while shaking his head, Xiao Yan, infront of He Meng, slowly removed the heavy ruler from his back and threw it to a side.

“Bang!” There was coincidentally a piece of hard rock where the heavy ruler landed and without any surprise, this rock was ground to dust under the horrifying weight of the heavy ruler.

Coldly staring at the pile of white powder, He Meng’s pupils shrank to the size of a pinhole and a sliver of fear slowly rose from within his heart and mind. This little brat, he was fighting while carrying such a heavy weapon.

Deeply breathing in the cold air, He Meng looked at the youth again and there was an extra weight of consideration and shock in his eyes.

Ignoring the changes in the other party’s eyes, Xiao Yan comfortably stretched his body, the Dou Qi surging in his body made him feel as if he was full of energy.

“I apologize. I was just warming up.” Raising his face, Xiao Yan had a hint of apology on his face before his body suddenly flashed forwards.

The image in front of him flashed past and while He Meng was still unable to react, the youth’s soft voice slowly reached his ears.

“This is the end, Wolf Head Mercenary Company’s third captain….”

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