Chapter 1249: Heaven Phoenix Ancestral Soul

Chapter 1249: Heaven Phoenix Ancestral Soul

The eyes of Lei zun-zhe’s group immediately revealed a fierce glint when they heard those dense words of the black robed old man.

“Leave that black robed old man to the Sky Demon Puppet.”

A chillness also surged within Xiao Yan's eyes. The most troublesome person to deal with in the other party was the black robed old man. As long as they subdued him, the others were not worthy of their worry.

Xiao Yan formed a mysterious hand seal after his words sounded. The Spiritual Strength between his brows also spread. Following the spreading of his Spiritual Strength, the ten Earth Demon Puppet in the midair also shifted their footsteps. Within the short blink of an eye, the formation that had been displayed outside of the large hall earlier was once again formed.

This kind of formation was extremely mysterious. It could temporarily add the strength of the other puppets onto the puppet at the centre of the formation. Fortunately, Xiao Yan had also successfully obtained the secret of this kind of formation when he was obtaining the control of these puppets. Hence, he did not panic when using it.


A cry was emitted from within Xiao Yan’s throat. The Sky Demon Puppet moved and rushed into...

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