Chapter 1241: Enemies Appearing Together

Chapter 1241: Enemies Appearing Together


Water flow like splashing sound was emitted when the space became extremely distorted. As this sound spread, the rippling of the entire space also became increasingly intense.


Looking at the energy seal, which was becoming increasingly illusory under the ripple, the eyes of the countless number of people outside of the sea of bones suddenly had a bright redness appearing within them. Even their breathing had become a lot rougher. They slowly used a greater amount of strength on their hands, which were holding on to their weapons.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were narrowed as he looked at the increasingly distorted space. Amidst the strange splashing sound, he could sense a wave of extremely frightening energy ripple. This kind of ripple was unusually fierce. It was just like a volcano that was suppressed at the crust. There was a kind of crazy gushing feeling to it.


Another strange crushing sound appeared. The distorted space suddenly became still. Immediately one could hear a strange ‘bang’ sound. The distorted space was actually blasted into countless of spatial fragments with a ‘clang’ sound, appearing just like fragile glass.

“Charge. The...

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