Chapter 124: Massacre

Chapter 124: Massacre

The dense forest was quiet and serene. Occasionally, a few smaller beasts would leap across the forest ground, startling the birds resting in the trees.

The serene atmosphere lasted for a short while before it was suddenly disrupted by a terrible looking figure that frightened away all the birds in the trees.

Ignoring the disruption he had just caused, the distressful looking shadow scurried away. Occasionally, his terrified face would sweep a glance towards his back as though there was an ancient ferocious beast that was chasing after him.

After running for some distance, this human figure who was wearing mercenary clothes lifted his head and stared at the light just a short distance away. An uncontrolled happiness surfaced on his face. Once he escaped this irritating dense forest, he would be able to call upon his companions to save him. When that time came, he would no longer need to fear the death god that was after his life.

The mercenary’s body suddenly charged forward. He jumped and fiercely stepped onto a tree branch. Instantly, his figure shot towards the light with an explosive force.

With the bright light which was almost by his side, the uncontrolled happiness on the mercenary’s face grew increasingly denser. However, a moment...

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