Chapter 1238: Spatial Seal

Chapter 1238: Spatial Seal

Four vast and mighty auras were entangled like an enormous dragon. The powerful pressure formed at that moment not directly shook Lei zun-zhe trio until they took two continuous steps back but the faces of those Wind Lightning Pavilion experts around them also became ghastly pale. Even their breathing had become heavy. Their eyes were also covered with shock.

The majestic aura that suddenly erupted also stirred an uproar around the place. Everyone were stunned as they looked at Little Fairy Doctor’s three people group, which was standing behind Xiao Yan. At this moment, they finally discovered that the three people, who kept an unusually low profile while quietly standing behind Xiao Yan, were actually also genuine Dou Zun class experts!

In this way, if one included Xiao Yan himself, four elite Dou Zuns would have appeared on the Falling Star Pavilion’s side. This kind of lineup was far from what the Wind Lightning Pavilion could compare with!

Lei zun-zhe’s body quickly paused after having taken two steps back. His eyes contained a shocked expression as he looked at the three people behind Xiao Yan. Other than that unfamiliar looking strong man, he discovered that...

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