Chapter 1236: Finding Trouble

Chapter 1236: Finding Trouble

The main aim of their trip this time around was the Soul Baby Fruit. If there was no special circumstances, Xiao Yan also did not wish to create problems that could complicate the matter. However, there are some things that was impossible to avoid even if one wished to do so…

Following the increasingly good relationship between the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the current Wind Lightning Pavilion, the latter had become increasingly arrogant. It had vaguely really think of itself as the big boss of the four pavilions. This time around, they had forcefully snatch the campsite that the Falling Star Pavilion had found beforehand. This was undoubtedly giving the Falling Star Pavilion a slap. If the Falling Star Pavilion chose to ignore this manner, it would definitely end up being a joke of others. It was necessary to endure and give in occasionally when establishing a sect. However, one must not be weak when it came to things related to principles. Otherwise, it would not only be a great blow to one’s reputation but it would also cause the morale of the disciples within the sect to decline.

Currently, Yao Lao was already the pavilion chief of the Falling Star Pavilion. Although Xiao Yan felt a little helpless at the title of junior chief that had inexplicably fell onto him,...

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