Chapter 1234: Beast Region

Chapter 1234: Beast Region

The azure sky was clear within thousands of kilometres. The sky appeared to be just an enormous blue mirror that was incomparably clear.


A crane cry was suddenly transmitted from the quiet sky. Immediately, a white figure rushed over from the distant sky. It was accompanied by a wild wind that whistled past the sky.

Only when one was close could one see that the white figure was a snow white giant crane. A couple of figures were seated on its spacious back. It was surprisingly Xiao Yan’s group, which had left the Falling Star Pavilion.

This trip to the Beast Region would definitely not be a smooth one. There were too many experts being attracted by the ancient remains. It was not an easy matter if one wish to obtain the things one needed in this place. Hence, Xiao Yan had brought Little Fairy Doctor, Zi Yan, Tian Huo zun-zhe and Xiong Zhan with him on this trip. This lineup, along with Xiao Yan’s current strength, was already very strong. Although it was unable to move unhindered within the Beast Region, it was not one that anyone would dare to come and offend.

“Ugh, what fun is there in the Beast Region. Why are we going there…”

Zi Yan had some complains over the destination of this trip....

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