Chapter 1232: Awakening

Chapter 1232: Awakening

The enormous dragon lingered over the sky. Its vast and mighty dragon might spread over this entire place. Under this intense dragon pressure, even the expressions of some Falling Star Pavilion Elders changed slightly. The figures that were suspended in the sky could not help but descend significantly.

“Is this the senior training within the stone tower?”

“What terrifying strength… this kind of aura. None of the Elders within the Pavilion could compare with him!

“This aura should have reached the Dou Zun class. Hiss… how unbelievable. This senior is around the same age as us. Yet, he has unexpectedly reach this stage.”

Waves after waves of private conversations sounded on the mountain after sensing the vast and mighty aura that permeated over the sky. One could still hear a shocked note in these voices. Clearly, it was the first time that they had met such a young elite Dou Zun. These people were in possession of quite a great talent in order to become the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion. Their bones possessed some pride. However, such pride appeared to be worthless in front of this senior named Xiao Yan…

“This fellow… he’s really a little too frightening. He had actually...

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