Chapter 1231: Advancement, Dou Zun!

Chapter 1231: Advancement, Dou Zun!

A black stone tower stood on the top of a mountain in a lonely manner. Wild grass grew on surroundings of the stone tower. These grass represented the change of time…

The top of the stone tower was still that same scene that had not changed for a millennium. A young man sat on the stone platform with his eyes tightly shut. A kind of purple-brown flame lingered around his body. The flame burned fiercely and it actually vaguely emitted a kind of great lifeforce.

Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were startled as she looked at the young man in the flame from the side of the stone platform. It was a long while later before she sighed in a quiet manner.

“It has been a year… have you not awoken…”

Little Fairy Doctor softly muttered to herself. An entire year had passed ever since Xiao Yan was shifted over to this place back then. The Falling Star Pavilion had suddenly strengthened rapidly during this one year. However, Xiao Yan, whom Little Fairy Doctor was most concerned about did not wake from his unconscious recuperating state.

Initially, Yao Lao and the rest merely thought that it was because Xiao Yan’s...

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