Chapter 1227: Mysterious Person

Chapter 1227: Mysterious Person

The expressions of Feng zun-zhe and the rest changed slightly upon hearing the icy cold voice that resounded over the sky. Immediately, their eyes focused intently on the spot where the firestorm had disappeared. There, two, no, three figures had appeared within their line of sight.

Two of the three who had appeared were unknown old men. They were dressed in black and white robes respectively. The clear colour made it easy for others to identify them. At this moment, the expressions of these two were covered with a shady expression. A branch hall was destroyed. If one looked into the matter, it was likely that all the members of the Hall of Soul present would not be able to escape responsibility.

After everyone’s eyes swept over these two people, their gazes paused onto the figure, who was between the two of them. In an instant, their expressions became a little interesting.

The condition of that figure was currently not much better than Xiao Yan. He was similarly covered with fresh blood. The skin that was revealed outside of his robes had revealed a large about of blood and flesh. His sleeves had already been completely blown off. Moreover, fresh blood continuously dripped from his sleeves. One of his arm had actually...

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