Chapter 1224: Situation

Chapter 1224: Situation

Xiao Yan’s body did not pause even a little despite hearing the furious roar that was transmitted over from a great distance. Purple-brown flame lingered over his body, causing him to appear like a fire beast on a rampage. Those remaining guards within the Hall of Soul hurriedly dodge when they saw this fiend charging out. Those Protectors that had been killed in Xiao Yan’s hands earlier had caused them to be completely frightened. Who would dare to step forward and stop him now?

Without anyone stopping him, Xiao Yan’s speed was also raised to its peak. He could sense that old ghost Zhai Xing was swiftly giving chase. Clearly, that old fellow had been truly infuriated after being fooled by his Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body.

“This old bastard…”

Xiao Yan cursed quietly within his heart. If it was not because of this old ghost Zhai Xing, this trip would have progressed extremely smoothly. Unfortunately… the peak of a fifth class Dou Zun’s strength was sufficient to cause a reversal in the strength of the lineup from both parties this time around.

Xiao Yan cursed a little in his heart. After which, he raised his head and looked at the exit a short distance away. His feet suddenly stomped onto the ground...

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