Chapter 1223: Fooled

Chapter 1223: Fooled

“Ke ke, are you finally about to go all out and stake your life? The old me really wish to see just whether anyone within the current Xiao clan still possess the domineering aura from when Xiao Xuan was still alive.” Old ghost Zhai Xing involuntarily laughed after seeing Xiao Yan kept Yao Lao into his ring.

Xiao Yan’s expression was cold and indifferent. The vast and mighty Dou Qi within his veins were roaring wildly, appearing like numerous fire dragons. The current him was undoubtedly at a state where he had unleashed his strength to its peak after having swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Of course, he also understood that if he did not unleash all his strength in the face of old ghost Zhai Xing’s peak five star Dou Zun’s strength, it was likely that he would not even possess the opportunity to attack.

“Hand the ‘key’ from the Xiao clan to the old me and the old me can spare your life.” Old ghost Zhai Xing smiled leisurely and spoke with a faint voice in the face of the increasingly mighty Dou Qi from Xiao Yan. With his peak five star Dou Zun’s strength, there was no need for him to even be a little afraid of Xiao Yan. That enormous gap between their class was sufficient for him to view Xiao Yan as an ant.

Xiao Yan let out a cold laughter within his heart in the face of old ghost Zhai Xing’s words. He...

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