Chapter 1220: Big Battle

Chapter 1220: Big Battle

A slight quiet shuffling sound appeared within the quiet mountain valley. A black torrent rolled down the slope. The speed of the flow was extremely rapid. Within less than half a minute, it had already approached the surroundings of the enormous hall that sat within the mountain valley…

One could vaguely see some seated black figures on some stone pillars around the large black hall. These figures lingered within the black fog. A dense dark aura spread as it swallowed and spat.


As the torrent swiftly approached, a human figure that was completely wrapped within a black fog suddenly let out a shocked exclamation. The black fog rippled and revealed a somewhat pale face. He frowned and looked at the dark black things which were spreading like black water a short distance away. He was initially startled before a horror surged into his eyes. He hurriedly stood up and cried out sternly, “Be careful. It’s the Stone Swallowing Demon Ants. How did these things get in here?”

The stern cry that suddenly sounded directly broke the silence of the valley. Over a dozen black fog figures hurriedly got up. Their expressions were stunned as they looked at the...

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